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3 Basic SEO Tips

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3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby Barney » Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:12 pm


SEO is a huge subject which can take years, decades even a lifetime to perfect.

But everyone has to start somewhere!

Taking small steps to ensure that your site has some decent SEO foundations will make more advanced SEO much easier in the future.

The way search engines display results and collect data is constantly changing, normally with Google at the head of affairs.

This means that certain SEO techniques that work today, might not work with the next periodical update of the search engine algorithm.

However in the past there are a few very important SEO techniques that have always worked. Use these three tips to get your site SEO started.

    1) URL Structure - The first thing I always tell people to look out for is URL structure. Google loves being able to identify the content of a site quickly and easily. Imagine looking at a newspaper and seeing the headline "/iuniauwhiudb782810';wld". You would not have a clue what the article was about. If you look at some websites, their URLs follow similar patters and provide no value at all. They help nobody. Humans can't make sense of the random combination of characters and Google reads it as nothing. This is a waste of valuable space. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your URL is the first impression that a search engine will get of your site. All CMS (Content Management Systems) have plugins that will rewrite your URLs to something meaningful. If your page is about the best cat breeds, the URL will be "yoursite.com/best-cat-breeds". This tells humans and search engines what your page is about so you can get credit for your content! This importance of URLs cannot be stressed enough!
    2) Backlinks - Backlinks are the best way to help your site increase in ranking with search engines. However not all backlinks are equal! If you buy one of these backlinking services where your site gets 15000 backlinks in 3 minutes for £1, search engines will think you are a spammer, pure and simple. These kind of get rich schemes that sound too good to be true, ALWAYS are. You need to spend time developing your site, creating quality content and interacting with your visitors. Slowly but surely this will create a massive network of backlinks to your site. Backlinks to your site need to be varied. You cant just ask a friend to post an article from your site to theirs every day. The first few backlinks will be worthwhile, but after that their quality will dwindle. What you need to do is ensure that your backlinks come from a number of different sources, which are all loosely related to the content you are publishing.
    3) Content - Last but by no means least is content! You need to produce quality content. If your site is full or badly rehashed articles and short snippets of information you will not get anywhere. I don't mean create a 10,000 word white paper every time you want to update users of your site about something. About 300-500 words is the right amount to be aiming your articles at. Video content must be good quality too, along with any images. This is the most concrete way to rank well with search engines. This is never going to change. Search engines are trying to direct people to the best information possible. If your site is linked to be lots of other sites and lots of people share your information using social media and talk about it on their blogs, you are going to rank highly. This can help you generate backlinks and attract new users who can share your content between their friends and create even more backlinks.

Don't try and rank #1 in every search engine in 24 hours, even 24 months. Create quality content, try and get some half decent backlinks and encourage people to share. The three points above can start you off in the world of SEO. They are the catalysts that take sites to that elusive first page of Google. I'm not saying rely completely on these three aspects of SEO. What I am saying is that if you do all the above correctly, you won't go far wrong!

Good luck webmasters!
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby larry05 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:26 am

SEO is basically Search Engine Optimization and it primarily focuses on search engine ranking and traffic. The 3 most important factors to be considered in SEO is SEO Friendly URL, Content Optimization, Backlinks. Of all three, back links are of utmost importance based on which search engines put the websites on 1-10 scale.
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby johnaddison » Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:21 am

SEO optimizes your website.By the help of SEO techniques,you can get your site indexed soon by search engine and increase traffic and page rank of your website. 3 basic tips are:-

1-URL of your site should be SEO friendly
2-You should post fresh contents on your site and keep updating
3-Build quality back links for quality traffic and page rank.
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby Reporter1 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:28 am

Great post.

I'm going to use these tips on my next project.

How would you go about getting backlinks normally? That's the hardest part I think! Forums like this let you get a few but should you be focusing on content first ... backlinks later?
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby corey » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:07 pm

Thanks for this great information .. SEO is very fast growing online marketing service.. It creates traffic and boost up rank of different web site..

Why Social Media is so important now?
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Have a wonderful day!
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby Sandy Brown » Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:26 am

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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby joho » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:16 am

In regards to the URL structure, lots of CMS such as Wordpress have permalink management which can help with creating clean looking URLs automatically and can be set up to use page titles, handy if you are regularly creating content and saves the hassle of managing this manually.
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Re: 3 Basic SEO Tips

Postby Doogle » Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:35 pm

This is so helpful, I didn't have a clue what SEO was until now. Really helpful, Thanks
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