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Increase PHP Memory Limit using .htaccess

I had a few memory errors on my site recently.

I was asking my host for a while about how best to increase it.

They gave me this extremely simple line to add to my .htaccess file which allowed me to increase the memory limit (within their regulation of course!)

Code: Select all
php_value memory_limit 64M

This increased it to 64MB but I could go all the way up to 128 if I needed it!

Hope someone finds ...
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Setting Up a Website in Minutes: Is It Possible?

Interesting post on the Domainmonster.com blog again.

Looks like you can set up a website pretty quickly!

Apparently it's all done in less than an hour.

Might have to give this challenge a go myself!

Click Here to read the full post.
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Mobile Website

As the number of smart phone users and tablet users are increasing, it has become extremely important to have a mobile website. This is a great way of reaching out to a wide range of people. A mobile website also provides with a competitive edge and helps in creating a strong brand identity.
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web hosting company

Is there hope for some one like me who wants to create a web hosting company, seems like the competition out there is really tough, but I want to concentrate locally since International market requires a very big marketing budget.
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ecommerce web hosting

I'm thinking about setting up an ecommerce site.

Is there anything I've got to bear in mind with hosting?

Should I go to a specialist ecommerce web host? They all seem pretty expensive...

Will I be better off with a half decent VPS instead?
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Google PageSpeed added to Domainmonster.com Hosting

Domainmonster.com have just announced that they've added PageSpeed to their top 2 Web Hosting packages.

Seems like a good move.

We all know that load times are being taken into account as a ranking factor now.

Having something at server level which is going to help reduce these load times is a good thing!

Here's a link to the news post - Google PageSpeed Now Available on Web Hosting!
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Web Hosting for Drupal

Hi Guys

I'm thinking about toying round with Drupal for my latest project.

I've heard its useful for basic sites where content is at the heart of everything that's going on.

Can anyone recommend a decent host for Drupal? I don't mind installing it myself as i've installed loads of content management systems before.

A simple installer is always useful though...

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VPS vs Shared vs Dedicated

I understand the difference between the three.

Why would you bother to go with a VPS over shared hosting.

Surely you would have to be hosting an awful lot of sites to make having a VPS worthwhile?

Does anyone here have a VPS? Guess it would be useful for certain things, maybe mail servers and stuff, but just for hosting websites? Surely a decent shared hosting package is much better value for money...
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What is Web Hosting?

I know this might seem simple but so many people get the phrase "Web Hosting" confused with Domain Names that I though it might be good to get this defined from the start!

Web hosting is defined (on Wikipedia) as:

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Essentially this means that the data you use to ...
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Wordpress Guide

I recently wrote an article for our sponsors Domainmonster.com on the Wordpress CMS and why you should use it!

Wordpress began as a blogging system way back in 2003. Since then it has built a huge community of users and won numerous industry awards. In the beginning it was a single page where blog posts could be added. Now you can add multiple pages, which can be static, or contain mini blogs of their own. ...
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