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Dance songs for kids?

I teach a Contemporary dance class, and I need a good concert song for them. They are aged between 5 and 10. I would prefer it to be an inspiring, uplifting type song as opposed to a sad song. Please help :)

dance songs for kids
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Alphabets songs for kids

It's a kid's song. It goes.. "Alphabet soup now we're cooking alphabet alphabet soup! Stirring, cooking, alphabet soup. Stirring stirring all day long. Some-thing some-thing big and strong"

Alphabets songs for kids
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Video songs for kids

I'm making some videos for a children's camp but am coming up short on songs. they need to be kid appropriate and up beat to go with sports and evening activities.

Video songs for kids
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Electronic signatures?

What is the use of electronic signatures will encourage fraud? what new types of fraud might electronic signature for sharepoint?
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Digital signature software?

What is the best digital signature software? Is there anyone who can help me finding best digital signature software?
Please give your valuable suggestions.
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Personal submarine

You can get yours here for only $2 million.

http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Defaul ... catid=1862

This is great website and sells some unsual gifts, with Xmas on the way I thought I would share.
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What is PDF signature

PDF documents are used in industries and organizations across the world, but in order to get them signed, users usually have to print and then appropriately route them to gather the signatures. This creates an expensive and time-consuming process that has to be repeated again and again for each and every PDF document. Know more about PDF signature.
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Best website for kids?

Hi, I have find the best kids website where I found the best car videos for kids. Tutitu.tv is the website where you find videos, games, songs and many more for kids and help them to learn.
Hopefully you like it!
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Last blow to Nokia

So it would seem Microsoft are about to hit the final nail into the coffin of nokia after announcing it is stopping the production of android devices altogether http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28348534. I've never had a mobile with a microsoft os however I had tried to use one and in my opinion, it wasn't great!! I think they'll have to pull something really special out the bag to keep nokia above the ...
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Internet of things!

Check out this really useful article on one of the new terms being bandied about online 'The Internet of Things'. It explains what this actually means and how it is going to affect everyday household items moving forward.
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