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.holiday domain price drop?

Are .holiday domains likely to come down in price any time soon?
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New .wales and .cymru domains!

It looks like .wales is coming soon!


I believe this makes 2 countries of the UK with their own TLD. Anybody think Northern Ireland will follow suit? How about England, is the demand there?
Read more : New .wales and .cymru domains! | Views : 667 | Replies : 0


Hi guys,

Has anyone else applied for a priority .london? I applied this week and I'm sure I should have heard something by now.

Thanks :D :D :D
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The seven keys of the internet

This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but is true! Fascinating read on the security of the internet.

Read more : The seven keys of the internet | Views : 781 | Replies : 1


Is anyone else getting excited for the release of .Wales? Do you know where it will be cheapest or who's supporting it yet?

http://www.domainnews.com/nominet-confi ... ember.html
Read more : .Wales | Views : 666 | Replies : 2

.uk domains

How does everyone feel about the new .uk extentions being released in June?

I personally think these will be great and have already ordered almost all the names I am eligible for. It's a shame that it has taken so long for the UK to make this decision as other countries such as france released their equivalent's sometime ago and have seen good success with them.
Read more : .uk domains | Views : 867 | Replies : 3

Domain hacks

just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on using domain hacks in domain names? Domain appraisal is not my strong point but do they add any value to a domain? I have been looking at a few possible ones but not sure whether Google frowns upon the use of certain TLDs or if they can have any other negative effect.

Any information would be appreciated
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Dropping Domains

Did everyone know Domainmonster publish a daily list of dropping domains?

You can view this list by following the below link:


Also if you are after a particular domain, Domainmonster offer a no win no fee service whereby you are only charged for the purchase of a back order if Domainmonster are successful in snapping up the specific domain name. You can find more details by following the ...
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Are new gTLDs a good investment?


Do you think any gTLD's in particular are going to be a success and therefore worth investing in? For example, I saw that nic.tattoo was released recently but I can't see this being as huge as .com. I've seen some are coming out such a .xyz and .web - do you think more general tlds are the way to go?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Just wondering what everyone's thought is on the news that you can register interest in the new GTLDs to be released? Are there any in particular that you have seen that you think will be useful?

I have seen quite a few that I am sure will change the way domains work in future such as the expanding geolocation TLDs.

Also FYI you can now register your interest in new TLD's here
Read more : New GTLDs | Views : 704 | Replies : 4


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